Moving master and Director to another server


I have an Icinga2 monitoring setup with one master with Director and 2 satellites in 3 different data centers,
now I need to move the master, and director, to one of the satellites as we need to close down the DC holding the current master…

Is there any procedure to move a master (with director) ?
Or any advice, cook-book ?

Any help would be very welcome :wink:


the easiest way would be to copy


and after that make a dump of the director and icinga DBs and restore them on the new master. I would suggest making a testrun of it, as this can work, but there may be some problems depending on your configuration

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keep in mind that the master also holds the Icinga CA. My consideration would therefore be:

  • “Drop” the satellite configuration (do a backup beforehand)
  • Move the entire master configuration (have a look in the backup chapter in the documentation)
  • Dump databases (ido, director, web2, etc.)
  • Configure web server
  • Optional: setup features (InfluxDB, Graphite, etc.)

How do the agents and/or other satellites connect to old master? If the master establish a connection this is easy, as the new master can establish the connection as well. If the agents/satellites build up the connection (either via IP or FQDN) there is more work to do. You can point the FQDN to the new master and/or assign the IP address of the old master to the new master, to ensure the agents/satellites can connect.



Thanks for your answers, appreciate :slight_smile:

I was also thinking about adding a new server in the master zone and then remove former one but I’m not sure it would transfer role automatically as well as certs etc…
Also would it juts take a backup/restore of director db on the new one ?

I have some kinda same setup, but already have two masters running where each master has it’s own database for icingaweb.

I would like to switch roles between the two masters and then phase out master1. (master1=configmaster, master2=backmaster)

  1. zones.conf is already the same - no need to change (?)
  2. databases and icingaweb is already up and running - no need to change (?)
  3. certs? Should I transfer /var/lib/icinga2/ca (Master CA key pair) ?
  4. Move all the zones.d/* files to the 2nd master or the whole /etc/icinga2 ?
  5. Reset needed on 2nd master so it syncs correctly or clean up cache files ?

Hope some can point me in the right direction.