Moving from legacy Windows to powerhsell?


I’m using icinga2 on couple of servers (Ubuntu, Debian and Windows).

I have trouble with Windows, check_update.exe reports wrong informations since last update (Windows 2019 or 2022, 2016 don’t).

I’m a bit lost with new version of icinga based on powershell.

Is there a documentation or something to migrate ?



Hi @guldil ,
the current endorsed way to monitor windows machines is using Icinga for Windows (IfW).
It’s a big topic, since it includes tools for deploying Icinga2 as well as a new set of plugins, but it works well (mostly).

The basic idea is: you use IfW to install Icinga2 as well as the icinga powershell service and use the icinga powershell plugins to monitor (but don’t have to).

It might be easiest, if you get your hands on a test machine and go through the “Getting started” part of the documentation for IfW.

I can also recommend monitoring-plugins/INSTALL.rst at main · Linuxfabrik/monitoring-plugins · GitHub as they work well and provide some consistency between Windows and Linux checks.