Move Icinga2 Master to another site

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we have a 2 Icinga2 Master Cluster setup (+Galera DB Cluster) with multiple Satellite servers. The Master servers are deployed on two different sites.

One of these sites will be closed in the near future and we have to move the primary Icinga2 master to another site. So we have to change the IP address and also the FQDN because we have the sitename in the hostname.

I know I have to create a new certificate for the master. But what are the consequences? Do I have to change anything (besides the FQDN and IP address in the zones file) on the satellites or even on the agents?

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Hello and welcome,

if you change one of the masters servers name and ip you have to create a new certificate for this master and update all zone files on masters/satellites and the agents that are connected directly to the master zone.


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