Move existing satelites servers to a new icinga master/master setup


I’m a newbie on Icinga and I need to move/migrate existing satelites servers to a new setup. What is the best approach for that?

Thanks for your help.
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Tell us more about what your existing setup is and we might have a clue.

If the new setup already exists too (and is not something you need to create
as part of this project) then tell us about that as well :slight_smile:



Existing setup:
1 server (icinga + icingaweb + director) + 2 satellites

New setup:
2 servers (master/master) + 1 server (icingaweb + director) + 1 server (database server).

I want migrate the satellites servers to new setup.

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you could

  • create a backup with the basket function from the director und import this in your new setup.
  • create a backup from the director db and import this in your new setup

here is also a big question if you want to have a new clean setup or you want to have also old history data (Headword: SLA).
And also which you didn’t wrote is do you import your host data from a CMDB, with Tools like Ansible or do you create your hosts manually?