Move configuration from TEST ENT to PROD

I have tested some new Commands , Service Checks , Service Template and Host template.
I have already defined all of these in my TEST enviroement.
Now I want to COPY these configurations (only the new I created) to my production ENVIROMENT.
How can I do this ?
I tryed to plau with Director Basket… but is not selective…

just create the basket and set everything to ALL.
import the basket on the new machine and you can see the changes.
you will also see the unmodified objects and then you can decide if the basket fits for you.

some limitations:
services and hosts can not be moved via baskets.(no option for that)
services attached to hosttemplates can not be moved via baskets.(not implemented)

if you want only the “new ones” in the basket, you have to set the basket settings to custom, and add everything you need by hand

I do not want to Migrate ALL.
For this I try “CUSTOM” but there is NO selection option to choose which Template to export…
The snapshot IS EMPTY

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 10.00.20

each object capable of baskets has an add to basket link.
click on it and you can choose the basket to put in into.

you can also use the director multiselect feature (on mac its shift, or cmd) and add multipe objects of the same kind
Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 10.03.24

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did that solve your issue?

I have test to move the Powershell scripts from my DEV ENV to PRD.
This seems to works fine.