More info about performance data

Hi, I’m trying to figure out more about performance data.
I notice on icingaweb2 the service ‘disk’ is able to monitor all disks and show the performance data of all of them with the cake like graph.

I tried to run the check_disk plugin on 2 devices to check it’s output and here’s an example:

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_disk --units GB -w 5 -c 10 --path /opt/zimbra --path /
DISK OK - free space: /opt/zimbra 59 GB (60% inode=98%); / 14 GB (78% inode=90%);| /opt/zimbra=38GB;93;88;0;98 /=3GB;14;9;0;19

I see performance data has a csv like format (label=value;value;value;value;value) and on icingaweb2 I see the results as:
Label Value Max Warning Critical

So, 5 values passed by the plugin, 4 values shown by icingaweb2.
Looks like the ‘0’ is not considered or has a meaning I don’t know.
Checking documentation I found 8 value types:
label value counter unit crit warn min max

If I create my own plugin, how shall performance data be printed out?
I’m confused by the 8 values type reported in the documentation and the 5 printed by check_disk plugin.

Thank you.

As Icinga2 also respects the nagios plugin guidelines as they are the standard/best practice in the monitoring world, I like to consult those guidelines:

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To add, Icinga Web 2 just parses the output performance data on its own and presents only the most used values. Not everything in those performance data values is really needed all the time.

Just for quick consulting:
The 0 return by the check_disk plugin it’s the minimum value of a range.
Now I get it’s meaning.
Very useful all the details found in the link.
Thank you both.