Monitoring Windows machine from Ubuntu


I would like to find a way how can i monitor windows maschines from icinga2 on ubuntu16.
I read lot of documentation but, … not easy.
Actually, I try to setup client on windows, but Failed to request certificate from Icinga 2 master.

Do you have a simple configurations files or example which working with windows?
And what is the easiest the Icinga2 client or NSCP client?


the Icinga agent/client is what many users and customers prefer, so getting help in this regard is easier. What exactly happened on the Windows agent when it requested the certificate, do you have logs (and also versions involved)?


Shameless promotion, try WMI, see here :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

We also monitor our Windows Server with icinga and it’s not so difficult you may think. I good and fast way to install and configure the icinga Agent is to use the PS-Modul you can find here:
Give the script some Information about your icinga Environment and the script is doing the Magic for you. On the master Server you sign the client certificate and after they will communicate together. If not you should check your network/firewall communication between the icinga master Server and the Server you want to Monitor.

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Thanks your the quick information.

I checked log file and I saw the system date of Icinga computer was wrong. It was 2016…
So that was the reason why does not connect to the host.
You are right the agent is very simple and usefull.
Next step will be to check windows service and logfile content.

Thanks for all.