Monitoring Used not Free space for Memory and Disk


Im having a problem with monitoring plugins for check_disk and check_mem.

We are running a large number of VMs that have thin provisioned Memory and Disk space in VMware.

Those VMs are set to automatically extend available memory and space when they reach certain thresholds.

We would still like to menaningfully monitor those but using Check_disk and Check_mem limits you to free space thresholds.

Is there a way to monitor total used space instead of free space?

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Rok Znidarsic

The plugin (which isn’t part of the Monitoring Plugins) comes with an -u flag to check against USED memory.

AFAIK, without already knowing the partition size, this shouldn’t be doable with the check_disk plugin. However, if you just wanna check against some absolute limit, you could write a short shell script using df to do so.

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Sorry for the second post, but it seems like the Linuxfabrik Monitoring Plugins Collection comes with a disk-usage check doing exactly what you want for a disk/file system check.

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I can also recommend the Linuxfabrik’s Monitoring Plugins disk-usage.

If a plugin supports the threshold format ([@]start:end, you can invert the logic yourself.

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