Monitoring system be on a seperate system?

Hello everybody,

I have a general question. Is the monitoring system mostly operated on a separate physical machine? Or is it often integrated into the virtual environment that it is supposed to monitor?

I would say that depends on:

a) how many machines and how many service checks you want to monitor: can a VM
cope with the load or do you need something bigger?

b) if all your VMs are hosted on one physical server, and that server has a
problem with the virtualisation environment, you lose your functional VMs and
your monitoring at the same time.

The only guideline I would give in the absence of any further details on what
you’re trying to monitor is that the monitoring system should be sufficiently
separate from what it’s monitoring that it can tell you about power and
networking problems (as well as all the standard service checks you want to
run), and doesn’t also suffer from those same problems itself.


We have around 200 Hosts and Services. The VM environment is powerful to host everything. If the monitoring is in the VM environment, I can administrate it more easy and have no worries to restore it.
If the VM environment stops working then we have actually not so much advantages to have a separate monitoring system. We are not a very big company. Not everting is HA.

My question is whether companies in a similar situation run their monitoring system in the area to be monitored?