Monitoring Supermicro Raid

Hey folks,
i want to monitor a RAID on a Supermicro X11SSH-LN4F managed by the Intel Chipset. Unfortunately i can’t find any solutions for this.

Do you have an idea how i can monitor this with icinga2?

Best, Roonix


I don’t know this chipset and how compatible this one is to others. But some time ago I played a little bit with megaRAID, LSI Raid and Linux commands like smartctl, lssci , storcli.
Such question are very specific and it’s also point what do you want exactly to monitor from your RAID. If the Linux commands are working on your system and the output is what you’re looking for you could write some bash scripts.

There’s a template for a community plugin in Icinga. check_lsi_raid. I use this at work, it’s been reliable.