Monitoring smart status with / interface question

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i am using to monitor the smart status of drives.
Everything has been working as expected but recently we added a server with an adaptec raid card (aacraid). -i aacraid,00,00,00 -d /dev/sda
and -i aacraid,00,00,01 -d /dev/sda
shows me the status of both physical drives.

What would be best practice to configure the two different interface values?

My check commands looks like:
object CheckCommand “my-disk-smart” {
import “plugin-check-command”
##command = [ “/usr/bin/sudo”, “/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/disk-smart” ]
command = [ “/usr/lib/nagios/myplugins/” ]
timeout = 10s
arguments += {
#“–always-ok” = {
# set_if = “$disk_smart_always_ok$”
“–device” = “$my_disk_smart_device$”

    "--interface" = "$my_disk_smart_interface$"


and in the host definition we define the according values ike:
vars.my_disk_smart_device = “/dev/sda”
vars.my_disk_smart_interface = “aacraid,00,00,00”
vars.my_disk_smart_interface = “aacraid,00,00,01”
what of course does not work…

How to define the interfaces in a simple yet effective way?

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