Monitoring plugin style guide

Is there a style guide how to write good plugins available?
As in what message to return, how to format it, how to add performance data?
The existing plugins handle that wildly different, so a best practice example that at least new plugins returns are somewhat standardized would be in order i think.

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I know of two:

The first is more about the how and the second one is covering a lot of the why.
I can also recommend the plugins from the second link, they work great for me.

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thanks, that was what i was looking for.
I didn’t have a need for a plugin where the Linuxfabrik collection offered a solution so far … do you use them for all checks or just use the basic plugins your distro ships and add theirs when you miss something?

The plugin i’m working on is GitHub - agapoff/check_kubernetes: Nagios/Icinga/Zabbix style plugin for checking Kubernetes where i already submitted a few pull request but i noticed the messaging is wildly inconsistent and started to wonder what it should look like since basic plugins aren’t very consistent either.

I use the Linuxfabrik collection as a basis and augment if needed, let them develop the plugin for me or make a pull request. Have you seen the talk about the collection from the last icinga camp? Icinga Camp Berlin 2022: The Linuxfabrik Monitoring Plugin Collection by Markus Frei