Monitoring Plesk VPS nginx

Hi guys,

So I have icinga2 / incinga2web up and running monitoring some services on several servers… and this works fine…

I’m having trouble setting it up though for nginx. I have centos server running Plesk server on a vps, and if it restarts, and nginx is down… Pages won’t load… This is not good… This does not show up als error on Icinga2, obvouisly because its not setup. I’ve found serveral tidbits of information, but not how to set it up. When I attempt to set it up, it says “” is not a valid check command… I’ve tried several variations, but no cigar… in my conf file…

Maybe this stuff is sliced bread for your all, but still quite new to icinga2 and monitoring

if you have a “custom plugin”, which is not part of the Icinga Template Library - Icinga 2 then you have to define a command → Monitoring Basics - Icinga 2 on your own.

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your response… I don’t necessarily want to use a “custom plugin” to monitor nginx… It just runs as proxy server on my VPS. But, I do want to check if it is running or not, and that is in combination to check if a php based site is loading, can tell me a lot about the status of my server.


Are you trying to have icinga2 alert you if icingaweb2 is down? If so, you can use check_http and setup notifications so you don’t need to browse icingaweb2.