Monitoring of DFS Replication with Win Server 2016

Hi there,

for monitoring of DFS replication I found (nothing found on
Unfortunately it seems not to be compatible with Win Server 2016 due to changed WMI objects.

How do you guys monitor DFS backlog?
Does anybody has updated those VBS scripts for new WMI classes? Seems to be completely different…


I’m not an DFS expert, but I wrote two little PowerShell scripts for monitoring a customers DFS state some time ago to check:

  • DFS Connection status with Get-DfsrConnection
  • DFS Replicated Folder Status with Get-DfsReplicatedFolder

and then simply iterated through all found objects and check if the .state is “Normal”

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Hi @log1c thanks for that input…
I am also looking for some backlog monitoring but that seems to be much harder because of different WMI stuff to incorporate.
Could you find any documentation on the “State” output of those CmdLets? I just found the documentation on the WMI-Classes and they seem to be different.

I just guessed, that when the State is “Normal”, all is good :smiley:
Haven’t had the opportunity to check what other output the State can produce, though.

Customer hasn’t complained, yet :wink: