Monitoring MS SQL Failovercluster

Hey there,
I have general question about monitoring a Microsoft Failover Cluster in this case a SQL Server Cluster:
How do you monitor a cluster with 2 nodes with 1 VIP and a lot of cluster roles with different databases.
My first idea was to install the Powershell Framework and the icinga2 agent on the nodes, but when I want to monitor the roles on the VIP I will receive a not connected because of the certificates.
I can do some snmp checks but I’m sure this is not the best solution.

I hope some of you can give me an idea how to monitor such clusters.

Thanks a lot

Some thoughts:
In the past I used the nsclient++ to monitor windows systems. So I installed it on both nodes, put all the needed check scripts there and made sure both had the same config.
I would then configure three host objects in Icinga 2

  • Node 1
  • Node 2
  • VIP
    Basic checks would run against each node (like cpu, ram, disk) and cluster-specific stuff (e.g CSV) against the VIP

Not sure how to get around he certificate “problem” as host object name, endpoint and zone name for an agent must be the same.
So I honestly never invested time in this and used the nsclient++ instead.

Thanks for your answer. I can check most of the required services via SNMP. Maybe I can recreate a cluster and try to create more Endpoints and zones.