Monitoring IS-IS Cisco

Hi guys,
I would like to know how could I monitor IS-IS for Cisco because I tried to search around but I found nothing…
Someone could kindly help me?

Thanks in advance for the support

Hallo @snuz, welcome to Icinga community. There are several nagios plugins that allow you to do this but you can heck out check_nwc_health plugin in Icinga Exchange.

Is there a documentation to do this?

Is there a documentation to do this?

I don’t know what exactly you mean but here is the Icinga plugin documentation.

I tried to do this:

object CheckCommand "check_isis_nei" {
 import "plugin-check-command"
 command = [ "perl" , PluginDir + "/check_isis" ]
 arguments = {
 "-r" = ""      
 "-c" = "public"        
 "-n" = ""
vars.check_address = "$address$"

But it doesn’t work

Also because moreover I have not found anything on the documentation check_nwc_health regarding IS-IS

For example for BGP there is list-bgp-peers, watch-bgp-peers, bgp-neighbors. For IS-IS there is nothing…