Monitoring a Business Process with Check Command?

I am using Director. How do I monitor a business process from the business process module using the check command?

If I create a host/service template that uses the check command and then create a host/service using the template… it requires a host address etc… there are no host addresses for the business process. I don’t see how I can monitor it.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

I created a BusinessProcess-Dummy-Host(always UP) and assign the checks to this host.

The check comand already exists in the ITL and therefore the Director. It does not require a host address.

The applied service looks like this

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How do you tie the dummy host to the business process?

Director wants a host name and host address.

You don’t need to tie anything to the BP.
Maybe try it on the command line first:
'/usr/bin/icingacli' 'businessprocess' 'process' 'check' '<root node of the BP>' '--config' '<BP config file name (without .conf) in /etc/icingaweb2/modules/businessprocess/processes>' '--details'

Create a BP-Dummy Host, e.g.:

Configure the business process command inside the Director, create a service template with the check command and then apply the check for your desired BP to the BP Dummy host, e.g:

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In trying to get this working I have created the dummy host and the service check.

My issue now is that the service check for the business process outputs this error:

ERROR: Cannot read enabled modules. Config directory “/etc/icingaweb2” is not readable

I already added the nagios user to the Icingaweb2 group to fix this error with different check. What account is trying to run the check here that doesn’t have access to /etc/icingaweb2?

I think I am past this part now… I rebooted the icinga server and it now reports a different error that it cannot find a business process by the name I specified.

I got it! I entered the wrong name. User error!

Thank you so much for the help.

Do I have to use a check command on the dummy host? I have it set to hostalive because it complained in director if I didn’t add a check command…

I’m not 100% sure, but I also did. Checking localhost via ping will always be UP, so I don’t really care.

After changing users or groups, icinga2 has to be restarted to learn about these changes.

Yes, just use dummy for the host provided as external imported command from the ITL. The actual service checks reference the icingacli_businessprocess command then.