Monitor Windows withour Agent

Hi all, Icinga gurus and lovers,

I was reading the Monitor Windows without an Icinga Agent
and I very much liked the approach. The infrastructure I need to monitor, contains also systems like 2008R2, which are old and remote. I noticed that running the installation of Icinga framework with an agent works like charm on some Windows machines while on others, it runs half the way or all the way and it and it still does not connect to the same parent node (not a firewall or routing issue).

Anyway, I am interested in your experience, advice, and pros and cons of running checks against Windows servers, with and without agent.

For example, the username and password used in the agentless approach, are they sent by default in an encrypted format, or is this something we need to activate/configure.


Monitoring Windows without an agent is horrible in my opinion. I wasn’t able to find a satisfying solution to get access from Linux to Windows from security point of view. Usally Windows machine will not work out of the box and need some preparation. And most annoying and not accepted by our security responsibles there is no secure way to store credentials on Linux.