Monitor vpn connections in icinga web2

Hi! Does anyone by any chance know how to monitor the hosts connected by vpn on the icinga web 2 dashboard?

I don’t regard hosts on VPNs as anything special - it’s just another way of
routing between machines - same as anything behind NAT, for example, which may
not be directly accessible, but is indirectly (or at least in the other
direction, which is good enough for Icinga).

You just need to make sure that something on one end of the VPN can monitor
the things on the other end of the VPN - a hierarchical Master - Satellite -
Agent configuration often works well here.

If you still have questions, please explain your routing / network / VPN setup
sufficiently for us to understand which machines can (and cannot) talk to which
others, and where you have Icinga installed (or in principle could install).