Monitor network traffic on a Windows server

Hello dear community,
I am in the process of setting up a monitoring system with Icinga in my company and have managed quite well in my test environment so far. I was able to implement high availability relatively easily, integrate a grafana dashboard with influxdb and monitor both hardware and services on the test servers.

Now to my actual question: I would like to monitor on a Windows server how much network traffic has passed through the server in a certain period of time. By doing this, I want to see if services that use the server (and that I can’t monitor directly with Icinga) were actually running by looking at what the traffic on the server looks like at the times the services should be running. By the way, the server is running the Icinga Agent.
Is there any way to implement the process I described with Icinga or would it be better to use another monitoring solution that monitors the network and then integrate the results into Icinga?

Thank you very much for your support.

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Hello @LiveNorm!

I don’t know whether this is monitorable at all. But I’m pretty sure:

  • If it’s monitorable on Windows, one can do it via .NET
  • If one can do it via .NET, one can do it via PowerShell
  • If one can do it via PowerShell, one can make it an Icinga plugin


Thank you for your help @Al2Klimov,

I will take a closer look. Maybe one other question: I’ve seen that there are already service checks that can monitor interface traffic via SNMP (like this one, for example: Would it be possible to achieve something via SNMP and this plugin, or is it actually better to go directly via the route of writing a plugin of my own or to do without this type of monitoring altogether?

Kind regards

I’m afraid I’m neither a Windows nor SNMP poweruser.

All right, thanks anyway for your help.