Monitor multiple servers with same names in different environments (separated using different groups)

Hi all,

I am currently planning an infrastructure, which should use icinga2 monitoring using a master->sattelite system.
The environment is planned to be encapsulated using NAT using pfsense in an internal network.
It is planned to have this environment cloned like a package per tenant to provide a saas.
The advantage of this is the ability to clone each server as-is with zero configuration afterwards. But the downside to this approach is, that each server will have the same names and ip adresses in each environment (internally) (externally different gateway-/public-ip).
Is it somehow possible to have the same names in the master view, but separated using different host groups or will there be conflicts due to the same names/certificates/etc.?
Disclaimer: I am quite new to Icinga and have previously mostly used CheckMK and a little bit Nagios.
Thank you in advance.