Monitor CPU and I/O storage

Hello, I’ve installed icinga2. I explore the icingaweb2 front-end but i didn’t find the service to monitor CPU and I/O storage of host. Can anyone please help me how to add service to monitor host.


you’ll need to choose a way to configure monitoring objects in Icinga. You can do that by hand with manual configuration file edits, use the Director as graphical interface or with automated imports from external sources, or go with the variety of automation tools such as Puppet or Ansible.

More can be found in the docs.


Thank you for quick replay. But i’m newbie at this point. I searched in Docs but i found nothing helpful. My problem is " I added a host and i want to know about cpu usage and also many more services to monitor" how can i do this?

As said, decide how you want to manage the configuration first. The docs provide you with some things on this.

Typically you’ll need the knowledge about hosts, services and their attributes with any tool, so the best idea is to start with the configuration files and following up on the docs.

A service being monitored needs a check command. A check command invokes a plugin script. Learn about how a check command object looks like, and also look if there’s an existing one already.

Start simple, one by one and once the first service works, continue.


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Thanks i’ll start simple…