Monitor bandwidth between hosts


i have several servers where I am looking to setup a bandwidth monitor between the servers to see where it is dipping.

The problem I have at the moment is below:

G1 G2 G3
N1 N2 N3

G1 through to 3 bandwidth is fine when connected to each other - same with N1 through to 3.

Connect a G to an N and we see issues of slowness at times.

Is there a way to setup monitoring to monitor bandwidth between the hosts?


What Operating System/s are the machines running?

If Linux, I would write some firewall rules to match inbound and outbound traffic
for each remote IP address, and then query the packet counters to find out how
much traffic came from / went to each other IP address.

I’m sure the same thing is possible for BSD, possibly therefore also for

Windows I have no idea about.



Yeah all linux systems

Hello and welcome to the forum @kevwhite :slight_smile:
Is this solved?