Monitor a special Windows Service

Hello, i want to monitor a service from our ERP-System. It’s a Microsoft Dynamix AX AOS Service. When this service goes down, i want an email notification that a critical service went off.

Icinga Web 2 Version
PHP Version

Loaded Modules

|[director] |1.8.1|
|[incubator] |0.6.0|
|[ipl] |v0.3.0|
|[monitoring] |2.9.5|
|[reactbundle] |0.7.0|
|[setup] |2.9.5|
|[translation] |2.9.5|

Which plugin/check do you want to use? How do you want to connect to the host running the service - SNMP, Icinga2 agent, NSClient++ or a passive check that reports the status via Icinga2 API?

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I think service-windows check?! And the host ist connected via Icinga2Agend (Powershell Module). I thought that i can fill a free text field in the service template and then fill in the name of the service or such an Option… But I don’t know how to add a special service…

I don’t use the Powershell module but the checks from the Linuxfabrik.
I use the Director and wouldn’t use the template to fill in the service name - this is done for the single service attached to the host or for the service in the service-set.

What do you mean, special service?

Oh and there is a difference between the service name and the service description in windows - you got a 50/50 chance to get it right the first time :wink:

I have also installed the Director but I don´t know how to add this windows service below…


I have only the Check Command “windows-service” but how can i define that i want to monitor this service (Dynamics AX Object Server)

I’m not sure you use the correct check definition. According to, the check from the PowerShell Framework is service-windows and this one uses the custom variable service_win_service to declare the service you want to check.

Also if you use the director, did you define the fields? If not, you could be missing the possibilty to enter the values for the variables of the check.

Custom data fields allow you to easily fill custom variables with meaningful data.

– From the director’s Fields tab of a command

You can define the fields in the director for the command or for the service templates but I’m not sure when to use which but I guess the later you define the fields for the optional variables the less cluttered your service settings end up looking.

Okay, so i found the tab “Fields” in the service templates. But i found nothing about values or commands to define these services like mine. Anyways, how can i tell icinga that i want to monitor only this service. (Dynamics AX Object Server)


after you add the field to the template or the command, the next step is to use the service template to attach a single service to the host but I recomend service-sets if you want to use a basket to move from testing to production.