Module vSphere


The Module for vSphere grants the ability to view and add Host information from an vSphere instance into Icinga Web2.
This is achieved via access to the API of the vSphere Instance.

The Module has several perquisites which need to be met before it can be successfully work.


Other Modules which need to be installed before the vSphere Module can work:

Module reactbundle can be found here (>= 0.4) (Icinga Web 2 module)

Module ipl (Icinga php library) can be found here (>= 0.1) (Icinga Web 2 module)

Module Incubator can be found here (>= 0.1) (Icinga Web 2 module)

Module Director can be found here (>= v1.6) (Icinga Web 2 module)


How to install the module can be found here

How to get started with the vSphere Module can be watched here

To Do’s

We would like to know how our fellow community members integrated the vSphere module, please share your how to’s and guides in :open_book: written or visual :video_camera: form.