Module - Import monitoring controller into own module

i have always made my own monitoring-status frontend with a customized view. My first one with direct access to the db and my second one is based in the icinga2 API. But now i want do write a module for icingaweb2. I see that some modules use a own ido backend and some uses the monitoring controller backend. i did not find a stating point to include the monitoring controller into my own module. Can somebody provide me a example to load a prefiltered list of services so that i can display this as a table.

Regards Marco

Hello @MarcoKl!

Here’s how I did it:


Hello AK,
thank you very much. I will try it the next days.

Regards Marco

Hello AK,
i am sure that you tips are working. But i am not understanding the Zend model in total yet. I am working with rails and the schema is like zend with controller, views, helpers etc… I know how i can access in the views the values from the controllers. Now i try to make some querys with the monitoring controller to create my own view of hosts and services. I think a am not far away understanding zend

The goal is to translate my rails application for displaying custom filtered views and central controled monitors, because I want to share it with the cummunity