Module Business Process


The Business process module for Icinga Web 2 provides the ability to model dependencies between hosts and services to achieve a visual summary of business proccesses. Also it adds the the functionality to create notifications for those newly modelled processes.


The module can be found here

The documentation can be found here

Additional Info

How to model your first business process Webinar link

Business process notifications are part of the ITL link

To Do’s

We encourage all fellow participants to provide additional how to guides in :open_book: written or :video_camera: visual form.

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I’m having a hard time getting icingacli to get me some info about businessprocesses i configured.
So launching:

icingacli businessprocess process list

Returns a 3 test processes i have in my system:


But using a command:

icingacli businessprocess process check Administration

(or any other process returned by list)
returns always:

icinga_server# icingacli businessprocess process check Administration
ERROR: Exception in /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/businessprocess/library/Businessprocess/BpConfig.php:518 with message: The node “Administration” doesn’t exist

I’m scratching my head …

Please create a new topic, and include further details such as versions involved, and the BP configuration.


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