Modify service set

I have configured in Icinga Director a new server set that contains for now one service. This service set applies to a host group.
On each host I need to modify a value from the service. I am able to do this on on 2 out of 5 hosts.
I am getting this error:

Each host has a different check source. Are in different areas so they have different zones.

I think that is a problem from the satellite. But I can’t identify the issue.
In the logs of the satellite I see only this:

[2020-08-06 14:19:23 +0200] information/ApiListener: Reconnecting to endpoint ‘com’ via host ‘10.’ and port ‘5665’
[2020-08-06 14:19:23 +0200] information/ApiListener: New client connection for identity ‘com’ to [10]:5665
[2020-08-06 14:19:23 +0200] information/ApiListener: Finished reconnecting to endpoint ‘com’ via host ‘10’ and port ‘5665’