Mobile App other than aNag?


I have been using aNag for years with good results. However, with icinga 2 on the server side the ride is a lot more bumpy than it used to be with the icinga 1 server: aNag cannot do expiring acknowledgements against an icinga 2 server, and commiunication seems to hang a lot of times with aNag complaning about HttpResponseExceptions (“Serivce Unavaiable”).

aNag’s author does not seem to reply to e-mail.

What are your experiences with aNag running against an icinga 2 API? Are there alternatives on the Android side? Is anybody running aNag against the icinga classic web interface as it was done with icinga 1, maybe with better results?


Does nobody use Icinga with a mobile device?


Maybe this is an alternative.


At least looks a lot more modern than aNag. Didnt find any issue tracker though.