Mix from DASHBOARD & REPORT - to send by mail

I want to try to reproduce a report we send to our customer via mail.
Thi report is made with other monitoring tool than ICINGA.
Somethink like that.
There is an Overview of all monitored system in a TABLE:

And after - for each system a detailed status of every single check.
My GOAL is to try to create a very similare report with ICINGA…
So I need something that mix a DASHBOARD witha REPORT and send it via mail…

I attach a possible MOCKUP (an example)

How can I do this ? If is possible ?
Do I need to develop a new module ?
If yes - somebody else is interested in this kind of feature ?
THX in advance

You can export a CSV, transform it and send the result via mail.
To get the CSV you can add &format=csv to most URLs in Icingaweb2.

So a script periodically executed by a cronjob could do the trick.

The Idea to “build” a Dashboard more modern and flaxible how can be achieved ?
At the moment the DASHBOARD have a fixed layout that is 3 vertical columns…
How can be changed this, for example?

Maybe the best way to do dashboard is to move from ICINGA itself to GRAFANA (influxdb) ?
Do you agree ?

Yes, I do basic dashboards in Icingaweb2 but for totally custom dashboards I leverage Grafana as I already send the data to InfluxDB and embed Grafana into Icingaweb2 for drawing the performance data as graphs.