Missing debug logs(?)


I am trying to debug a problem that I have with a command. I remember that in the debug logs you could
see how the command is passed onto the agent(with the parameters etc) but now I can’t see anything like that in my debug logs.

Have the logs changed or am I doing something wrong?


did you turn on the debug log feature?

check with:
icinga2 feature list

icinga2 feature enable [feature name]

look here: Features - Icinga 2


Yes I have it enabled


Just an idea:
Did you enable and look at the debuglog on the node where the check gets executed?



You mean where the agent is installed? Unfortunately I don’t have access to that machine.
It’s ok though I managed to debug it but it wasn’t as easy as it would be if I could see the whole command that is executed in the agent.

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If you are using the director you should have an “inspect”-button in icingaweb. If you click on it, you’ll see the command which is triggerd :wink:

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I didn’t know that, sounds interesting. Where exactly is this button because I don’t seem to find it :sweat_smile:

As I wrote in icingaweb2. You’ll should see this link in the list of the action links from the host/service. But only if the director is installed

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