Minor addtion to " Icinga 2 Distributed Monitoring", "Node Setup" document

I had a problem after I had re-installed icinga2 as a satellite on a physical host that had been rebuilt. After I restored a VM client that had an Icinga agent on it that agent would not update on the master.

Chasing it down (using the Icinga community) I found that I had disabled the checker feature on the physical host satellite. Re-enabling it fixed my problem.

But why the problem occurred was due to blindly following a recommendation in Distributed monitoring - Node setup which says “… you can safely disable the checker feature.”

While that is true for an endpoint agent. An intermediate satellite, which my physical host was, needs the checker feature enabled. I request that the documentation make that difference explicit around that note so others will not stumble into the same problem I did.

I forgot to ask, is there a better place for this request about changing the documentation of Icinga?

Yes, you can fork the project on GitHub, change the documentation directly and make a pull request.

Hey Niel,
You could edit the documentation on GitHub by submitting a pull request for the following file:

However you will need to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Otherwise your pull request will be rejected.