Migration to ICINGADB do not work

I’m trying to migrate to ICINGADB
My ICINGA2 is a single host installation on Ubuntu 20.04
|Icinga Web 2 Version|2.10.1|
|Git commit|974729a6421c17fdb8bb1931623107cf6a90fc7e|
|PHP Version|7.4.3-4ubuntu2.19|
|Git commit date|2022-04-06|

I followed these documentation that unfortunately is not very clear…
Everuthing was OK until the installation of Icinga DB Web
After I have installed this package “Icinga DB Web” thwe Icinga UI is broken and there is no way to repair… I have no idea
Even uninstalling the pagage do not solve.

I think there is some missing steps into documentation in case you have an already Icinga2 installation with IDO…
Any help??

why didn’t you update icingaweb2?

I think was a better version…and that ICINGADB works fine with “Icinga DB Web”.
In addiction I think that after installation of ICINGADB this was not used by ICINGA… that still was using IDO…
Is not clear to me this migration
Now Is not easy even to come back.

I have installed the icingaweb2 and after the UI is coming back…
Linked the ICINGADB to it’s DB…
But there is no more the CONFIGURATION MENU ITEM… to configure Modules or Application Resource.
What can be the issue ?