Migration of Icinga2/Icingaweb2 to Icinga2/Icingaweb2-Docker

We want to migrate Icinga2/Icingaweb2 environment based on Master/Satellite with Postgresql DB to a Docker-Environment.

After a few attempts, we now ask ourselves what the ideal migration concept looks like

• Migration only at file level: copy the directories /etc/icinga2, etc/icingaweb2, var/lib/icinga to /application/icinga/data and /application/icingaweb/data (these directories are in our Container linked ) and then adapt the configuration files accordingly

• Migration based on the Director DB: Carry out setup with node-setup, api-setup and kickstart and then fetch the data from the DB and carry it out with the web interface or with the API function “Deployments”.

• Migration with dump and reload: Perform setup with node-setup, api-setup and kickstart and then dump all baskets and objects as json and then adapt these JSON files and load them into the new environment.

Is there another and better migration concept?

I’m currently having problems with inconsistencies in my attempts. I would be grateful if I could learn from migrations that have already been successful and thus get some orientation.

What is the ideal backup concept for Icinga?

With friendly Greetings Ralf Eiteljörge


So that the current tests can continue, we had to adapt the image of icinga/icinga2.

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