Migration from Nagios to Icinga2


We have migrated to Icinga2 from Nagios. We have few queries regarding functionality of Icinga2 as compare to Nagios. Please help us to understand.

  1. How can we disable/enable notification for a particular service to a specific host through UI, like we can do in Nagios?

  2. What exactly hosts.conf file should contain? It should contain all hosts info?

FYI: We are using Nagios plugins as agent.

Thanks in advance,
Pratima Hegde

Hi and welcome,

  1. AFAIK, this cant be done in Icinga2. A notification manger module will appear at some point, but for now it is not available.
  2. That file can contain anything you like. It can be empty, contain only the master or every host you have,


This can be done via feature commands. I strongly advise against massive usage though, as this is hard to debug later.

It is an example location for host objects. You are free to put whatever you want, but following best practices from the documented structure certainly helps with the first steps.

Follow along here and here.