Migrating from mysql to postgresql

Hi, I’m trying to migrate the icinga director’s database backend from mysql to postgresql.
I’m using pgloader to convert the mysql db to postgresql but still having some issues.

Wondering if someone have tried to do this successfully before. Thanks.

Hello there and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It would probably help to tell us what kind of issues you are having with the migration!

Hello and thanks for the welcome.
I have it working now.

What I did is I created a new database on the remote postgresql server.
Then I configured it to be used by the Icinga Director and let the wizard create the schema.

After that, I renamed the schema ‘public’ to ‘director’.

Then I ran the pgloader with data only option.

FROM mysql://director:director@mysql-server/director
INTO postgresql://director:director@postgresql-server/director

with data only

That seems to work for me.

So you worked it out by yourself then?
Do you feel like this should be included in the documentation somwhere?
If so, you can always write something up and submit a pull request or write an issue so someone else might :slight_smile: