Migrating existing Icinga to Icinga with Director

Hi all

Im currently using an icinga2 with a thousand hosts, lot of services…
Given that i want to use director, I’ve just installed another server and i have it ready without any host, service, etc…

What would be the best way to import the object configuration from the other instance?
I thought i could perform an import via API but i cant find the way.

Thanks all!

Take a look at the Import function of the Icinga Director.
With it you can import from various sources, including the CoreAPI:

haven’t used this import source type myself, but it looks like this will request the localhost coreapi, as there are no settings for fqdn, username and pw.


I would maybe use a different way, and use the IDO database from your existing setup as import source. With that, you can extract additional object attributes and sync that accordingly.

Tom showed such in a recent OSMC talk.


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Right, forgot about that. I somehow just connected this method with Icinga 1. But as Icinga 2 also has the IDO (same schema even, correct?) this is also a good way.

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Thanks for your help!

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