Migrate from old CentOS to Ubuntu

Hi Community,
I’m not sure if I am right in this category because it can fit everywhere.
I have to masters and a whole bunch of satellites, and my masters are installed on an “old” CentOS 8 in Azure. Now I want to migrate from the CentOS Boxes to Ubuntu and I want to verify the way I want to go:

  1. Backup the Databases + /etc/icinga* + /usr/share/icingaweb2/* + /var/lib/icinga2* on both masters
  2. Install 2 new blank Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with icinga2 + icingaweb2 + modules VMs
  3. Remove one master from the HA
  4. Setup one Ubuntu and add it to the master zone, switch DNS entry
  5. Change icinga director Endpoint to the new installed machine
  6. Remove second CentOS master from the HA
  7. Setup second Ubuntu and join HA
  8. Hope that everything is fine

Did I forget some steps? Has someone done this before?

Thank you very much

Sounds good. I would do the config master last.