Migrate from 1 "master" to multiple master


Right now we are having only 1 master and we would like to redo our config for a 5 “nodes” that will act as “master” behind our load balancer, so “outside” they will only see 1 master but behind, 5 VMs will handle the load!

What’s the easy way to keep our actual config and “convert” everything into a new setup ?

The clustering is limited to two nodes in one zone at the moment.

For adding a second endpoint to an existing zone there are some hints at Distributed Monitoring - Icinga 2 in addition to simple adjusting the zones configuration as required.

Thanks @dgoetz

Then, what’s the easy way to migrate our config to 2 new master-master setup ?

You can have one master, or you can have two, but you can’t have five.



One thing too! Last week we move icingaweb2 on another cluster, so in our new master/master setup, we only need icinga2 , not the icingaweb2!

From what I’ve read… the 2nd master act as a satellite ?