Migrate 2 icinga masterts to satellites

Hi all,
I have 2 icinga master’s in two different network zones. with already configured agents.
And i have 2 different webUI which is not so comfortable.
I describe my plan and please comment it, maybe i was wrong:
I create the new icinga master (NM).
I change old masters to satellites (can i have troubles with connected agents after migration ?)
Some magic with zones (i hope it’s not so hard)
And in the end i will have one webUI which include all hosts, services and hostgroups.
Guys, i understand that this steps maybe is too generic and if you help it would be so nice.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Alikhan,

welcome! :slight_smile:

You’re right, the steps above are on a high level and do not contain much details but the good news is that your approach is correct.

I would add the configured hosts, services, etc. on the NM and drop the configuration from the old masters before you demote the old masters to slaves for the NMs. The zones configuration on all nodes is also something you can easily prepare.

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