Master/Satellite downtime synch

Hi all,

Imagine we have the next scenario:
1 master server
1 satellite server
1 client server
It’s a three level configuration. In the master server I have icinga web 2, and in satellite server I have another icinga web 2, and monitors the client server. Imagine I want to configure a downtime for the client. In which icinga web needs to configure the downtime? If I configure it in the master for client server, the downtime synchs down to the satellite and I can see the downtime. But if I configure it in the Satellite it does not synch to the master.

What’s the best practice to do that?

Thanks you.


only the master knows about everything, and should also take care about the notifications and downtimes. Having a web interface on the satellites is nice, but generally you shouldn’t use any further features on it.


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