Master HA Pair - vSphereDB Module

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The documentation instructs to avoid running multiple vSphereDB daemons writing into one database at once, and configure a floating IP (Installation - Icinga vSphere® Integration). Here is my scenario:

I am running an HA pair of masters and they write to one MariaDB server. This works for standard monitoring and the other plugins I have. However, when I try to deploy vSphereDB module, I am having an issue with my second master running checks because the module is not enabled on that box yet.

Is this guide and advice just referring to HA databases? Seems like it is, but want to verify before I start having both masters write to the DB.

Does anyone have experience running multiple masters and using the vSphereDB module? What did you do?

you can enable the module on the secondary master and use the same database but I wouldnt’t start the service

if you need the service redundant use something like pacemaker to design a failover scenario


We use the two HA master for vSpehereDB checks and thus have the module enabled on both webservers.

As @moreamazingnick stated, we didn’t enable the icinga-vpheredb.service on the secondary HA master.

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