Master failover is not working

Hi team,
I am trying to implement the distributed architecture for Icinga2.
Below are the main things i am trying to achieve:
Master in HA(Active - Passive).
For that, i have set up one active master and did all necessary configurations.
Inorder to set up the secondary master, i initially created a satellite server and changed the zone file entry such that it comes under same zone. created global templates, created a directory under zones.d of the active master Also in api. conf i turned accept commands and accept configurations to true in the secondary master.

but when i switched off the master, i could not see hosts and config conf in the secondary masters.
i thought to do everything on master level and move forward.


what do you exactly understand as the term passive master? If you configure the second master, this node will execute checks (as long as the checker component is enabled). Both master nodes doing 50% of the checks as the are load balanced, if one master node shuts down the remaining node will take over the remaining checks.

How did you verified this? The config will not be populated to the /etc/icinga2/zones.d folder on the secondary master node. Your first master node will be the configuration master, all configuration changes needs to be done on this node.

Both master nodes needs to be configured to write to an IDO backend (either MySQL or PostgreSQL).

Best regards