MariaDB corrupted after power outage

Hey everyone,

I dont know if “Icinga 2” is the right subforum for my question, i dont even know if this entire forum is the correct one for it.
But since the only server affected is my icinga VM i thought id at least try here aswell. Maybe someone here had to deal with a similar issue before.

So today our entire office had a power outage, of course this happens today, as we are in the middle of installing a UPS :expressionless:
After power came back everything went back online, icinga aswell, but i noticed i couldnt login to icinga anymore.

This led my to the logs and they led me to mariadb, which just doesnt want to start anymore, because it probably got interrupted at a really bad time.
If you start mariadb in forced recovery mode, icingaweb can be opened and everything seems to be there, but forced recovery also means read-only and you cant really use icinga like that.

Even without forced recovery icinga seems to be working in the background and sends mails for problems and recoverys. But i cant really use it like that.

If anyone could help me or point me in the right direction, i would really appreciate it.
Thanks for reading.

PS: I do have backups available, but sadly not of the entire VM. I can restore any file or directory though.

If anyone has a similar Problem:
I made an sqldump of all my databases and imported them to another server. Then i told icinga where he could find his databases now. There were a few more steps involved, so just ask if anyone finds this in the future.