Map module display of nodes on both sides of date line in one view

Not sure if this a bug, feature or config item: I’ve got nodes on both sides of the date line, but items will only display on one side of the date line when looking at a map view that contains only one instance of the date line, to see the items on the other side of the dateline, you have to scroll or zoom out to see the map’s 2nd view of the date line.

Likely unhelpful ASCII representations:

The nodes (*) are physically on both sides of the date line (|): * | *

On the map: |* <all 360 degrees of map>. *|

Thoughts? Ideas?

does it also occur at the greenwich meridian? are both nodes similar distance from date line? just trying to understand the situation a little bit more.

Yes, there are nodes that are about the same distance from the date line. I don’t have anything near Greenwich and scrolling over Greenwich doesn’t change anything on the display . If you zoom out so that the map includes two instances of the dateline on the display and then scroll a date line over the center of the screen, the items displayed swap, i.e: what was displaying on one side of one instance of the date line moves to correct position on the other instance of the date line. At any moment, only one instance of a display item will show on the map, even if the map is zoomed out to the point of being able to see two instances of a location where that display item would be on the map.

It’s a minor distraction and this likely affects a very small group of people, i.e: the handful I work with.

The problem is interesting; my people wrestled with the dateline within our data processing for years.