Map filter

Want to use Map module from Icinga.
I saw here: that I can add filters.
I have added after the link ?host_in_downtime=0&host_acknowledged=0 but I can still see the acknowledge checks. Is this filter working?


As you are looking at a service check in your example

would not help here.
For services you have to use service_acknowledged

Hi log1c,

Service_acknowledged but it’s not working
I can’t find in the documentation any filters for services. Maybe they don’t exist.


I don’t have any experience with the map module, but quickly looking over the page you posted tells me that there only is a host map, thus you can only use host filters.

Sorry for pointing you in the wrong direction for the map module. Though the filters are valid you just can’t use them with the map module. :slight_smile:

I’m also not so sure it would be wise to omit service checks, belonging to a host, from the map view of that host. I think that could lead to more confusion, if a expected service is missing.

Thanks for the reply!
The idea was to provide a map to a Service Desk team that would exclude the acknowledged and in downtime hosts|services. If a service is already acknowledged it shouldn’t be red on the map.
This is my point of view for providing a useful map to Service Desk.
I think you answer is the solution for my problem. Thanks!

If you take a look at the github issues for the module you can see that there already are some plans to work on the “problem” with ack hosts/services: