Many warnings of type "Apply rule ... does not match anywhere!"

we are monitoring our internal servers and network components within one global zone (around 50 hosts). Most of the checks are organized via Service-Sets and apply rules.
E.g. if operating system is Linux, apply these service checks, if this program is installed (via host variable), then execute these checks etc.
When starting the icinga client, we get several pages of warnings within the logfiles of the form:
warning/ApplyRule: Apply rule 'xxx' (in /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/director-global/director/servicesets.conf: 123:1-123:58) for type 'Service' does not match anywhere!
The warnings are shown because e.g. all the windows or network-components checks won’t apply to a linux host.

I digged into the source code and looked up some discussion about this warning and it seems that this warning is intended.
If it would be a debug message I would not care but as it is a warning, I have the feeling that I do something wrong.

So my questions are:

  1. Do I violate some best practises by using many service-sets and apply-rules within the global zone?
  2. Are these warnings normal / ok and can be ignored?

Any help is appreciated.
Many thanks in advance!

As far as I understand these are more of a informational log message - I also have all of our service sets and service templates in the director global zone, and they get deployed to all satellites regardless of their purpose.

As far as I understand it, they are informational here.
They are helpful if you misconfigure something and the rule really applies nowhere (lets say a typo in a variable), so, if you see this message on the master instance it might point you to a problem. On a specific agent, it’s just informational.

Thank you for your replies!
Seems the warning should more likely be an informational message.
Glad to know.

same here - we have the same service.conf files in all satellite zones. maybe have some kind of argument when checking the config to only show criticals