Manual notification forwarding

I need to able to forward existing notifications to a ticketing system in a manual fashion. The guys who need this feature said, it is not trivial to automatize and I have to agree. So I’m searching for a way to add a button to the notification message itself which could run a custom script for me sending the detailes of the notification to the script.

I searched far and wide, but I admit, I’m pretty new to Icinga, so I might have missed some trivial thing.

Any suggestions?


We were faced with this requirement a long time ago. And we thought also that it’s not a good idea to create automatically tickets (in case of flapping devices).

Back then was the solution (and because of the fact the less knowledge about writing modules for icingaweb2) I wrote an old fashioned cgi perl script which we can call with with the action url function in icingaweb2. The script is collect some needed information from icinga (api and/or db) and send this to the api/db of the ticket system. If someone in our company click to the link he has to confirm the information (and maybe re-edit the text) before sending this to the ticket system. So it’s not possible to flood the ticket system with useless information.
In the future I will re-write our solution as icingaweb2 module if I find time.

What I know from the past like community posts and talks at icinga camp and OSMC that some have already written their own icingaweb2 modules for their own company. I still don’t remeber if they have shared their solutions.

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