Maintaining icinga host/services states

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I’m working with icinga2 using Docker containers, and Icinga is inside one of them. Anyway, I’m monitoring a few hosts and services and I realized that when a icinga container restarts, he doesn’t keep the Uptime information, for example:

Uptime: 30m

Restarting container…

Uptime: 00m 01s

So the problem is, if a host is down and I send a notification to warn it and a container is restarted, it sends a new down notification because he lost track of the host when I restarted the container.

I read some documentations about “icinga2.state” file: “used to save its state in order to be able to reload it after a restart”. But using it, I realized that everytime it writes something in this file, it doesn’t keep some changes and I end up losing informations about host/services.

Is there any other way Icinga2 keeps track of Host/services files?



Can you specify this? Which information do you lose during a restart when the icinga2.state file is kept?

The runtime files of Icinga 2 (located in /var/lib/icinga2) should be kept in a persistent volume, so they survive a restart of the container.

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