Mail Notification from director created Objects

i’m new to icinga2 and director plugin
i managed to get this things installed and working
so i can add services, hosts, contacts, contact groups etc … via director to icinga2 …
the only thing which i’m not able to configure is that icinga sends mail notifications to this contacts/groups
what i checked ,

  • mail from comandline is working
  • mail from comandline using the is working
  • sending mail from the initialy configured default object in icinga ( localhost) is working

when i compare the hosts.conf of this object and the objects created by the director i can see that
vars.notification[“mail”] is missing in the director objects

i already tried to set a new data field … but i’m always failing

is there anwhere a how-to set this kind of variables or is there an other way to configure the ablility to send mails from director created objects …
please help i’m lost